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Added: 01.05.2006
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: quickly
Country: Denmark

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Q-Tec ergo mouse modding.
Mounted with graphics cooling fan. Runs approx 3-400 rpm and gives a soothing airflow in the palm of your hand when playing hard...

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Rating: 3.23 - Votes: 47

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dynAzty02.06.2006 00:54
Very nicely done. A few of the ventilation holes are a bit off but you hardly even notice it. 4/5.

flabs19.05.2006 16:09
I think that one shouldnt go throwing insults like Mitsukai. Japala made a great job doing a mod like fan mouse, and publishing it on a web site. Have some respect.


Japala .:admin04.05.2006 22:50
Mitsukai: I don't think that the commenter knew that the original tutorial can be found from this site. And we have seen many times that people often make more finished versions of the mods that I bring to the scene but prototypes are just that; prototypes. It is great to see other adopt the idea and work with it. Its just that it would be great for people to know the content of the site that they are visiting before asking for tutorials. Or try to figure out how to do something for themselves and not just copy everything...

Emerson04.05.2006 04:02
You get a 5/5--i've seen a ton of mouse coolers, but this was done nicely and efficiently(see the holes on the side)

Mitsukai03.05.2006 20:38
Japala, what do you mean?...this is his mod based on your what's the problem?? frankly I thing he did it a lot better!! looks even like comming out from a shop!!Your project was kind'a badly made...looks ugly!! He improoved the theory that you invented...and done a nice mod with I think you should be proud and not insulted for people following your teachings and doing good jobs with them!!

adam03.05.2006 08:12
yes, you should feel extremely insulted! :D Ha ha.

Japala .:admin02.05.2006 18:34
Should I feel insulted as the site visitors doesn't even know the content of the site they are visiting to...?!

Project: MouseFan

Gandala02.05.2006 16:55
OMFG!!! Sweet dude.
Don't you have a hp with some kind of tut?

Mitsukai02.05.2006 00:35
Great clean mod!!5/5