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Added: 11.05.2006
Other computer HW
Owner: -k-
Country: Estonia

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This is my speaker flames mod.These speakers are the front speakers of my pc setup, they belong to a stereo system (that you can see on the left on pic 1)that is connected to my pc. My case is blue/red/flames themed (see my flame shaped "floating"case floor attp:// and there is going to be a dragon shaped window on the right side) so the only logical outcome is that the speakers will be painted with the same theme(they were black in the beginning).
Now I need your opinion: notice that in pic1 the flames on the speaker at the right are outlined in yellow? Do they look better with or without the yellow? That part of the speaker is not visible in my setup so it doesn' t matter if I choose to leave the yellow out.

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*anonymous*20.06.2006 12:49
looks like u used mspaint

-k-12.05.2006 05:00
Tnx! The picture of the whole desk will come soon when I finish some other projects because the whole setup is blue/red/flames themed. There is going to be a dragon shaped window with red lights and im going to put red/blue neon wire under the keyboard keys and there is going to be a glowpad. So in my opinion the whole desk pic should wait until everything is ready so that you would get a better idea. All questions are welcome.

Mitsukai11.05.2006 18:30
Agree with Ratman!! That ChipFoose-like outline really makes it look better!! should take a pic of all things together...put it on office&desk...I think you meant to do that but wanted to try these speakers first to see the reactions to it, wasn't it?? Hehehe, gotcha!! ;o)
5/5 man!!

Ratman11.05.2006 09:46
The flames with yellow outlined look better. But thats mine opinion. Can u maybe take a picture of the whole desk?? to see pc and speakers together? maybe it would be a nice picture for the desk section