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Added: 12.05.2006
Single case mods
Owner: Hebabeba
Country: Finland

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I realized how dull my own personal computer looks like. the truth lies in your hardwareeee..

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Rating: 3.03 - Votes: 35

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Wolf_modius14.11.2006 17:06
this looked better in white tbh, but I like it alot, must have taken ages =D

J03¥12.08.2006 10:15
that is veary cool a counterstrike pc
you need light in your pc
its a idea
groetjes joey from holland

Hebabeba15.05.2006 09:04
more pictures coming up, hold on to your hats :)

drinn13.05.2006 21:54
Why the hell you let the front panel with white colour?

flabs13.05.2006 10:52
Hups katoin kieroo tot kuvaa :D ei mtn....

flabs13.05.2006 10:52
Onks toi yks sivu vaan musta? :O

Kanaorava12.05.2006 19:28
Maalipinta ainakin näyttää upealta.. Painting job looks great.. 4/5

D.Hasselhoff12.05.2006 15:41
That dude should be white..

*anonymous*12.05.2006 09:09
haha :D ihan jees

adam12.05.2006 08:08
looks like a good finish