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Added: 21.05.2006
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: OTO
Country: Japan

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Apple mouse for Windows with full color LED.

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Rating: 3.36 - Votes: 44

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RetQ24.08.2006 18:10
Kinda reminds me of iPod :D

OTO23.08.2006 19:15
The inside is a different thing though the outside is Apple.
It's USB, optical, scrollwheel(three buttons).
Full color LED with a a built-in control IC.

solak17.08.2006 00:02
That old mouse was for ADB, the Apple Desktop Bus. (Oh! actually, there was also a pre-ADB version). While ADB could handle multi-button mice, this one was one-button, and I doubt that there was a simple wire-up to the original electronics to communicate other button keypresses. So either this is really one button in three parts, or there's new stuff inside. Unfortunately, the photos do not show the end of the cable, which could make it easy to distinguish ADB from USB. Still, that middle button looks suspiciously like a scrollwheel.

I cannot find any project details on the links here nor in the MetkuMods forums. Could the submitter please add a bit of description here or there?

Chiper28.05.2006 08:30
Six: That mouse came out in 1984 and was retired in 1990. Computers were ugly back then.

Sick mod man, I assume it's USB? Did you gut a Logitech or something?

I'm curious if it rotates colors when you click the button, that would be pretty cool, and shouldn't be too difficult to do.

mollan23.05.2006 11:55
very nice :D how do u change the color on the mouse wheel ?

-sake ^^

kuppazki23.05.2006 10:16
Wow, a mac mouse with one, two, three buttons??? That's hi-tech man.

Masso22.05.2006 11:52
Spray the mouse white and it would look sh!T hot!!!
Well done!

N522.05.2006 09:52
Wow, I can remember we actually used to use those things in school. ouch. Excellent conversion, especially adding the right button. 4

Six22.05.2006 02:35
REALLY ugly mouse but hey it's from a Mac.. Still gj on the led! 4/5

chi22.05.2006 00:19
Well made.

Good luck with your hand after using it...

21szpak21.05.2006 22:40
4/5 nice