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Added: 27.05.2006
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: nismo299
Country: Sweden

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The usual got boored try to mod something.
the first thing i did was to drill holes then I added a HUGE killswitch and a pretty big led.

things i used:
1 10mm ultra blue led, 2 AAA batteries, a kill switch and som cable and tape.

...And i know everyone has done this before.

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Rating: 3.42 - Votes: 233

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clownkiller17.07.2006 14:16
wow great for on camp

nismo29906.07.2006 23:52
and we all own a bomb... heh

Marko06.07.2006 05:29
That would make a cool remote for a bomb, lol

nismo29924.06.2006 00:01
I bought it on Biltema here in sweden but i'm sure that you can buy it online.

booya15.06.2006 02:50
where did you buy the switch?

good job on it

WooT03.06.2006 04:32
tbh i like this and i wudnt mind making sumthing liek this myself, as i work in a night club i dnt fin till like 2am n this wud be perfect to navigate my way through the house without having to switch lights on n wake people up!!!
GJ dude 6/5!!

Erro01.06.2006 17:01
Fhat cool 5/5

ejay31.05.2006 21:30
cool stuffz i like it :D 5/5

Toby29.05.2006 21:56
What a nice blue light,, lol :D

Opelrun29.05.2006 18:39
Very necessary that safety-cover in flashlight :) But it's make this cool.

Mitsukai28.05.2006 20:25
Yes it is useless...but it's preaty beautiful!!5/5

Duke28.05.2006 12:13
+1 for random


50n1s28.05.2006 10:24
that's is so unnesessery 5/5