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Added: 28.05.2006
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: Memmish
Country: Sweden

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The only thing that the computer was good enough for was to be a rabbit-house, so I started to rip out all the hardware and threw it in the garbage can. Then I took my DremelClone and drilled out the rivets (spelling?) that was holding the plate that holds the MOBO, because that was pointy and could poke out eyes and other bodyparts.. Then I turned the 'A Open'-sticker so it was the right way, and the most important mod on this.. thing - the doorknob so the roof could be easely be taken off. Then I mashed in some straw in all the empty spaces so the rabbits wont freeze to death :)

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Rating: 3.42 - Votes: 239

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Jnsu14.03.2007 10:22
Serapis is right. Im gonna shoot you if your bunny will get injured by that case.

Serapis15.09.2006 11:33
Look like there might be bits that the rabbits could cut/injure themselves on... other than that, nice idea 3/5

nismo29915.08.2006 13:26
Rabbits doesn't use this house anymore Bugs.
But its good to see that you care about animals :)

Bugs03.08.2006 22:58
ABS plastic is not very good for rabbits to chew on... And they chew on everything. The case idea is a great high tech hutch for rabbits though. Just need to remove the plastic face plate for safty. Maybe you could make a wood face plate, don't paint or stain it though. Other wize... 5/5 a very earth minded mod!

clownkiller20.06.2006 20:08
nice its great for your old windows whos cases suck!
now maybe a fish tank?

Hz413.06.2006 22:44
Yhdyn maran tekstiin...

mara13.06.2006 15:32

drinn07.06.2006 23:40
haha :D nice idea though

solarfall05.06.2006 19:25
oooooo!!!! that´s so cute

nooneinparticular03.06.2006 12:37
Hitech bunny

*anonymous*02.06.2006 22:10
compaq sux

nismo29902.06.2006 19:42
It's not an compaq and newer compaq does not suck... what is wrong with the compaq pressario 8000? is it 3,20 qhz unclocked is it 1 gig ram? and so on stop telling what computer you'r not liking and the world will be a happier place :P lol

kuppazki02.06.2006 19:16
All compaqs should be turned to rabbithouses, because they suck so much. When you add an rabbit inside a compaq, it no longer sucks, cause rabbits are cool. 5/5

tyfo31.05.2006 21:27
i like it

NaFe31.05.2006 09:51
This is the best idea yet to recycle old useless cases. A rabbit nest, brilliant. ;) 5/5

mustonen30.05.2006 11:51
Cute :) 5/5

Toby29.05.2006 22:00
Cool,, could you make one for my elephant ??

nismo29929.05.2006 20:07
nice so you glued on rabbits as a mod?

just joking:D

N529.05.2006 10:03
perfect use for that old case. They seem to like it!

memmish29.05.2006 00:08
read the story accro :P

accro29.05.2006 00:01
but isnt there sharp edges and other stuff which can hurt your rabbits?

vnrk28.05.2006 23:27
aww so cute