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Added: 29.05.2006
Game Consoles
Owner: OzFinn
Country: Australia

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Ok so i know this has been done alot but i also gave my PS2 Controller a new makeover tho abit differently... ive seen people change the Square red LED to a round blueone an thereof required to alter the case of the controller... i took the LED from an old Floppy drive and IT FITS 100% (nice too!)
hint for newbies: if you open up the PS2 controller... when youre putting it back together you might want to push the R2 and L2 buttons out (from the inside) hence making it easier to reassemble...

en jaksaa kirjottaa suomeks :-) kestakaa

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Rating: 2.6 - Votes: 20

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Wolf_modius30.08.2006 13:04
you wrote about changing the case to fit the LED, yet you kept it the same :S

Mik3h05.07.2006 02:47
Yup, that was me who made the blue LED mod. I had to alter the case and yeah, the L2 and R2 buttons sure are annoying to put back correctly!

Jesse24.06.2006 22:18
You canĀ“t do anything with this mod, that is just led, nothing new! 1/5

[m@$t3r_$h@k3]02.06.2006 01:37
yeah nice mod buddy.a little bland/plain but it still looks good though.a little change on the ol ps2 controller never hurt anyone ;) 3/5

OzFinn30.05.2006 05:04
thanks :D however i only had the LED found in the floppy drive... but bicolour, eh? give it a shot XD

Gazoogleheimer29.05.2006 16:47
Decent LED-swap mod, just a suggestion:

You can buy many different configurations of led's, in this case it was the square config. You can easily order any color like that, or round LED, or tiny round, or huge round, or oval, or bicolor (now that mod would be cool) or tricolor. Just a suggestion for this kind of mod is that the floppy LED would not have been the only thing; one can order many different colors of that square style.

However, good mod. Nice and simple. And everybody likes LEDS!