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Added: 29.05.2006
Other computer HW
Owner: davebeerman
Country: Germany

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My DVBT TV USB dongle kinda fell apart when I dropped it. The cooling device (simple piece of metal) that used to be there ceased to exist (i.e. I lost it... :P ). Oh well, offcourse i`ll have to replace it with a heatsink 20 times as big as actually needed. We all love exaguration, don't we...

I cut the pieces from a chipset cooler and attached them with adhesive thermal pads. Works perfectly.

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Rating: 3.35 - Votes: 85

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sinhumane07.06.2006 09:44
now all it needs is an 80 mm fan on it.. hmmm where to find that 12 volts though? oh well, back to work on my lite-brite pc case..

davebeerman04.06.2006 15:08
your comment is. @anonymous

*anonymous*01.06.2006 20:04

Korw01.06.2006 00:48
Sweet, how about some plexiglass for protection?

Mitsukai30.05.2006 15:55
5/5 man...that's definitly a 5/5!! congrats!!!

Duke30.05.2006 09:52
How random!
5/5 *thumbs up*