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Added: 30.05.2006
Game Consoles
Owner: [m@$t3r_$h@k3]
Country: USA

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well, all this started when a friend painted his xbox controller and it looked pretty cool, so i decided to give mine a shot.i went with a sapphire blue metal flake paint and i applied 2 coats.over all i'm very happy with the paint job,except for the small run on the right shoulder button.future plans include swapping out the red LED for a blue LED.

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Rating: 2.21 - Votes: 14

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*anonymous*13.03.2008 16:50
umh... Too much paint i would say :S you can see the drips over the "l" and "r" buttons :S better luck next time

Mik3h23.06.2006 18:17
If you have a look, I also soldered in a blue LED instead of a red one :)

Btw, what kind of paint did you use?

Six31.05.2006 04:51
You need to do something in the middle of the select/start buttons. It's just wayyyy to plain in that spot but overall not a bad paintjob.