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Added: 05.06.2006
Other hardware/devices
Owner: Nicklas
Country: Denmark

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We had to make a project in school, and we decided to make a H-shifter for computer car games.

Instead of the usual stick shifter, that goes back and forward, we made a more real shifter.

It started out as a Logitech gamepad, and turned out as a rather nice H-shifter.

When u push a button on the gamepad, it finishes an connection and a button is pushed. We soldered some wire on the gamepad, and mounted in every gate on the shifter. And we mounted an wire with the power on the pole.

It's quite get it working inside the games. We used it in tons of Car simulator games.

U can also see a video with it in action here :

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bluraybha09.08.2008 13:53
Hello people, nice job.

I'm making one with a joystick and tool clips, h-gate, locking, lever and software. If you really want, I will do the web's first STEP BY STEP of how to build one with any joystick!

Respect to all drivers.

The original Bluray Bha

kuYa08.07.2007 18:26
lolz nice shifter... i made one for an arcade emulator... (Daytona USA)

Tyler LaVite03.08.2006 18:49
this is very freking nice man 5/5 for shure!

*anonymous*09.06.2006 22:12
idea is very good and it is pretty easy to make but it looks crap

mancou07.06.2006 22:22
dude, that´s sick!!! got any schematics 4 the circuit??? I' building my own stearing weel 'n' I was triyng to do something like that with an old shifter from an arcade game, but it didn`t work (couldn't use it to activate my gampad buttons) 5/5

Nicklas07.06.2006 20:00
Mainbrook: In the games we tested it in yes...

mainbrook07.06.2006 11:24
Very nice. Can u shift back from 5 to 2, like with a real car. I use it to brake on the engine. Normally you have to push a few time on the buttons. But still 5/5 :D

Duke06.06.2006 15:13
Yeah you could use flussy fur over the top, so that the 'furryness' covers the guts but still allows freedom of movement.

Mitsukai06.06.2006 12:15 my humble opinion, if you work that up a little by putting some kind of inside shielding to cover those inside guts and also cover that wood with some carpet or something like that (in conclusion...if you pimp it up a little bit more), you have a nice thing to sell over there!!Most people who buy a stearing wheel doesn't like the could patent this as a real shifter and sell it!! 5/5...real great job!!

Nicklas06.06.2006 11:55
The game we play in the video is Live for Speed.

Maza06.06.2006 11:46
Nice, really nice!

DanAdamKOF06.06.2006 10:28
This is awesome! You should post the steps you took to build it on

TRACK3R06.06.2006 09:36
What is the game that you are playing in the video?

*anonymous*06.06.2006 02:01

Pason106.06.2006 00:46
No way :D . Nice idea :3 5/5 . Damn.. i want one too :D

Hiiri06.06.2006 00:06
Awesome!!!:D 5/5!!!