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Added: 07.06.2006
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: sham101
Country: United Kingdom

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i saw how cool having a different coloured LED in your mouse looked so i decided to have a go :S i have a microsoft wireless intellimouse which is easy to take apart but problem number one the board is set at two fixed levels where one over laps the other with a 1cm gap and just my luck the LED is in there >:( after 2 hours of soldering and cutting and some more soldering i managed to have the red one out and have now replaced it with a spanking bright white one. i also decided to paint the top fascia silver check it out:

also i don't know how this will affect the battery life i've had it 7-8 months now and its still on the stock batteries :D

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Rating: 2.64 - Votes: 14

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Duke08.06.2006 16:44
Done before, but you did it well