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Added: 13.06.2006
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: valtsu
Country: France

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I did nice subwoofer in school

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Rating: 3.05 - Votes: 22

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alex01.01.2007 23:47
4/5 because you made it look like a cube.every1 knows that a cube has the worst bass.should have made it a rectangle.

*anonymous*27.07.2006 11:37
nii kylhän sen sitte tekee :D ja voihan tohon paremman elementin aina vaihtaa jos tarvetta tulee .

valtsu24.07.2006 16:21
On mgr:rä
On ehkä vakiotyö yläasteel mut koulu makso subbarin ja jakosuotimen nii oli iha pakko

*anonymous*27.06.2006 16:09
onko muuten ljudian mgr- sarjan 8" elementti ? :D mulla nimittäin on kyseiset kakstiekaiuttimissa ja näyttää aika samalta tossa (?) mut mulla ei todellakaan päällystetty noin komeesti :p 4/5

Hz425.06.2006 17:27
Damn TeenX pink.... 2/5

MaQ24.06.2006 13:33
/me wants :)
that looks really good

*anonymous*20.06.2006 17:40
is that woofer 8" ??? and where have you bought it? ??? thats neat :p

...17.06.2006 21:05
Eikös toi ole semmonen ylä-asteella aika vakiotyö käsitöis ;)

*anonymous*17.06.2006 15:27
so what?

Mitsukai14.06.2006 17:49
Well, I have a nice idea for a woofer case...I only needed the actual woofer and conections to do it!! 4/5 because it's only the usual cube case with the woofer...that everybody can do, but I dont like the pink, I hate the f***in fashion colors, so I take 1 point for that 3/5!!

valtsu14.06.2006 14:25
hupsista oon kylläkin suomesta

I`m not in France i`m in finland

Karl14.06.2006 07:36
When I first saw it I thought it was a giant die. A giant pink die 3/5