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Added: 15.06.2006
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: thesumof41is5
Country: USA

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Well, heres 2 pics of my clean and unclean desk in my bedroom - specs:

19" widescreen acer LCD
Stereo : 230W
speakers :10W dells

Intel P4 @ 3.00 Ghz with 800 FSB
ECS motherboard (c-19 sli)
nVidia GeForce Turbocache 6200tc with 512 RAM
3GB of DDR2 RAM in Dual Channel
1 DVD-RW Lite-on
ATADC case w/ molex lights, 1 120mm exhaust fan,
430W psu, 2 80mm HDD fans,
Scythe samurai Z CPU cooler, stock intel fan cooling video card.

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 2.5 - Votes: 12

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thesumof41is519.06.2006 15:34
ya, that was an old sub box - the monitors were set up in dual screen mode, but couldn't see the tv. (bottom one)

Ratman16.06.2006 15:53
U definitily cleaned up the room, maybe u should buy a new chair, isnĀ“t the table kinda weak?? and yes is the monitor sitting on the subwoofer :|, paint the keyboard also.

stinky peter16.06.2006 04:35
is your monitor sitting on a subwoofer?

keef16.06.2006 03:14
I have the same stereo.
and umm. nice mess? /shrug