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Added: 19.06.2006
Other hardware/devices
Owner: seal_broken
Country: Puerto Rico

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I so hot lol so I just got a AC today and saw the control and I got a idea lol its a simple mod so dont bash me ok lol

if I know how to install a actiity led I would but dont know :P

the pic is my GF and me :)

Admin's comments/notes:
Simple, yet effective on changing the appearance. Nice.

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Rating: 2.56 - Votes: 18

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-celldweller-08.07.2006 00:24
nice job

*anonymous*22.06.2006 17:03
"too well."

2bitwhore22.06.2006 16:20
english is my ferst lenguage and i stil cant spell too good ;)

*anonymous*20.06.2006 21:08
not complaining, just trying to better your english language, no offense intended

seal_broken20.06.2006 21:02
Ah shut up lol english is my 2rd lenguage so stop complaining

*anonymous*20.06.2006 08:08
..."whether" not weather. stupid english.. :)

Mitsukai20.06.2006 06:36
Useless, but creative!!...Weather you turn the heat on...or weather you turn the'll always be remembering good moments with your GF!! be cool!!

seal_broken20.06.2006 05:57
thanks :D

this is my first mod in a long time since i move here to chicago its kinda hard just to go out side and waist paint cans when u have winny neibors lol and it suck but soon a pc mod :D just need time

Slickness20.06.2006 00:17
Simple and clean, its good. As for an LED, you don't always need one.