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Added: 22.06.2006
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Yuki Chan
Country: USA

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This is my setup in as it is pretty much everyday ^^. The two computers in desktop cases are my servers, both running Linux and with dual 400GB drives in the top box and dual 20 GB in the unit on the bottom. The top unit is named Haruka and the bottom is named Kanatarou, so shounen ai ^^. My main system named Loki is a 64bit Athlon. The laptop is used for my PIC development (a 877a sitting next to it with USB in line programmer). The HDTV is connected to all my TV game consoles, soft mod Xbox via HD cable and ps2 via HD cable. Both my laptop and main system are configured to use dual monitor (only my main desktop is connected at the moment to both monitors. And all the anime stuff enhances my PIC development pleasure. A my NDS with an import sitting on top of a boys love manga ^^ , the nds will soon be running Linux and homebrew.

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*anonymous*20.07.2006 10:41
Another DBZ Fan! Nice Laptop! Wanna to sell that?

17cr609.07.2006 19:13
how old are you ???!!!, and it dosent look like you are running linux ? it just looks like a windows desktop ?

*anonymous*28.06.2006 15:41
how named laptop? what is model?

p.s. is my a pry.

drinn24.06.2006 20:47
Anime sucks

*anonymous*24.06.2006 00:11
How old are you??? Nice setup too!

*anonymous*23.06.2006 00:33
anime freak

Ratman22.06.2006 15:44
nice stuff you have, clean it up a bit more, i really like the poster of dragon ball Z!!!