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Added: 22.06.2006
Other hardware/devices
Owner: Adam
Country: USA

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This is a headphone jack I installed into the volume control for my speakers. I got tired of reaching around to the back of the computer to plug headphones in every time I needed to use my headphones instead of my speakers. Took about 30 minutes. Most of the time was spent removing the headphone jack from an old CD player. Pic 1 is just the wiring, pic 2 is wiring to the jack, pic 3 is once i got the hole drilled and slid the jack into place, and pic 4 is completed project. Hope you all like it.

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Rating: 3.39 - Votes: 44

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,::PB::.29.06.2006 00:35
nice... simple, nice... 5/5

*anonymous*26.06.2006 12:35
Simple but useful.. good going! 4/5

adam24.06.2006 19:19
J, these are creative SBS 5.1 560 speakers. i suppose i could write a how to, and if you'd like it, you can email at Make sure the subject says, "Metku Mods headphone jack how-to". If i see that, then it won't instantly go in the trash:) I'll get started on it right away. I'll make it a notepad file so everyone can read it who has windows.

J24.06.2006 15:05
Hey, dude, this is one very usefull mod! To bad no how-to, though. I'd definitely do it in an eye blink! What's the model of your speakers?

adam24.06.2006 08:38
haha, no. This mod took about 30 minutes to do. reaching around to the back took around 30 seconds.:)

bumsk24.06.2006 02:30
cool, well done! ;) BTW... how did reaching round the back of you computer take 30 mins??? :)

adam23.06.2006 03:05
Thanks guys! it was a pretty simple mod. the jack for the headphones goes (from tip to wire) left channel, right channel, gnd. so just wire it like that and you're golden!

KevlarMunkey23.06.2006 01:41
nice very clean 5/5

Mitsukai23.06.2006 00:18
Marvelous!! I needed a thing just like this for my Trust headphone jack is on the woofer on the floor!!stupid place to put them!! Ohh well...5/5 to you!!