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Added: 24.06.2006
Other computer HW
Owner: shady
Country: Croatia

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LG CD-RW mod

-window mod
-painted red and black, some "tribal" details on top
-cdrom tray painted in gray
-added 4 LED's (2 red, 2 yellow) + reset switch

2 modes of work:
-tray closed, the red LED's are on
-tray open, the yellow LED's are on

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Rating: 3.23 - Votes: 53

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Mechax25.12.2007 02:04
Did you know that CD Drives has a small radiation? Not healthy.

Chris02.08.2006 16:51
Sweet idea. Really nice

24mss09.07.2006 19:21
nice ...

j18728.06.2006 02:54
thats class! what you wanna do now is have some sort of speaker that goes 'reeeeeew- chuk-chuk' when it closes, and then possibly a sexy lady voice saying something like 'device armed'. great idea that i just may steal....

shady24.06.2006 12:53
Check out the "full case" category, I added up my case mod with this cdrom inside, it has a window on the top of the case, so you can see the cdrom in all his "sexyness" :D


six24.06.2006 12:02
hey i still think its awesome work i was only questioning it..

Mitsukai24.06.2006 12:00
six...give me a's preaty awesome work there!! Why?? I tell you why...for just's cool to see colors changing when the cd case opens or closes!!...its cool to see a window on see the cd rom inside spinning!! I would love to do this to a dvd reader I have spare!! If only I knew how!!

5/5, shady!!! Loved it!!

six24.06.2006 06:57
Very nice work but one question.. why? i mean if you actually mount it in your comp whats the point? you aren't going to see its sexyness lol.

*anonymous*24.06.2006 05:40
Nice work. I like the switching colors.