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Added: 29.06.2006
Other hardware/devices
Owner: Adam
Country: USA

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So i've been trying to get the psOne screen mod to work for a while. After i got fed up with it not working I decided to look at the minijack connection b/c the screen would work if you held the RCA plug in just right. When i looked inside the port i saw that some of the pins inside were bent, so I just decided i would give it it's own set of wires. Keep in mind this is not in its final enclosure (the PSONE body) When i get the time i will find a project box or something.
Anyway. So i took about 30 minutes to figure out how the minijack pins corresponded to RCA and figured out the last 2 pins have to connect to the positive wire, and the first one connects to the shielding. After soldering on the first wire which had a male RCA tip, i found that i had no converters for male to female RCA. However, i did have an S-video to female RCA so i took the S-video end off and just used the remaining female RCA plug. I fed the wires through the headphone jack and soldered them the same as the first. And now i have a plug-n-play psONE monitor! I Played BF2 on it and it's hella funny!! Anyway thanks for taking the time to look :)

P.S. In the pic I'm running The Big Lebowski onto the screen off of my PVR-H140 Mini video recorder.

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sinhumane19.08.2006 05:30
so.. this works with a standard rca plug? i am going to have to ebay one of these suckers for my car-puter
5/5 you just saved me like, a whole bunch of money!

Justblair02.08.2006 03:30
Not so sure about this one... Its using the composite in on the playstation. I have just managed the RGB mod on the PAL version and can say that the picture quality is way better. I didn't have many problems getting it to work using powerstrip. What was the issue you had, perhaps I can help?