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Added: 01.07.2006
Single case mods
Owner: Knucks
Country: United Kingdom

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This is just the Etch in side panel of custom case, will follow up with more stuff from the mod.. etching credit goes to Archer (etches can be found here at Metku search for mod author

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Rating: 3.4 - Votes: 99

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Marco13.09.2007 13:43
Just spotted this after clicking all mods by the owner, truly Awsome

Micky27.08.2007 08:51
Wow mate how many you done, these are class respect to the artist! 10/5 tbh like others

bkazmerzak27.09.2006 21:52
pretty nice bro. keep it up!

Crazy_Monk14.08.2006 02:40
That is amazing gj... 5/5!

woot-20.07.2006 14:27
That's fu**ing awesome dude ;)

Player214.07.2006 02:44
WOW, thats extremely cool. Very, very nice.

rauz11.07.2006 17:22
unreal... thats all... :D

*anonymous*09.07.2006 21:28

Mr.Sadistic03.07.2006 09:20
nice job man, very impressive etching, I'm assuming a dremel? You sure have a lot of patients!!

Just se02.07.2006 18:19
Insane etching O.O . /me likes :G

Knucks02.07.2006 18:19
What makes it better is it was done by hand, took over 3 weeks

jeffalltogether02.07.2006 09:25
thats way bad ass