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Added: 04.07.2006
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: seal_broken
Country: Puerto Rico

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>.< boredom make me do it i dint finnish cause then i gt wierd and hard for me to type :S

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Rating: 1.66 - Votes: 29

1. Only comments please. More technical questions etc. should be directed to MetkuMods forums.
2. Using vulgar or abusive language, cursing or swearing is prohibited! Lets try to keep this clean.
3. Comments in ENGLISH and FINNISH ONLY! Anything else will be deleted.
4. Unique or not, I like to see the mod. "Seen that" etc. posts will be deleted.
5. Comments that comment about other comments will get com... deleted!

People like different things so lets keep the comments professional and if possbile encouraging. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't tell what you really feel about the mod but usually that means more than one word.
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seal broken21.09.2006 09:34
jewel osco

*anonymous*27.07.2006 02:40
seal broken where do you work?

seal_broken07.07.2006 05:54
I will be doing the full keybord as soon as i get more coins lol also i b using diferent color and size depending what keys:) coming soon as i get super bored and have time

DeadKey06.07.2006 19:38
Can be cool, if every button is coin

Mitsukai05.07.2006 21:28
Well...the idea is great...original and stuff...but the work, man, you REALLY could do better than that!! 5/5 for the idea...1/5 for the work done...adding up and split it by 2...3/5!!

seal_broken05.07.2006 05:51
yeah coins lol 1 us cents lol

yeah my keyboard knows his a keyboard lol

Hamstersor05.07.2006 01:35
Err what are those? Coins? Wood? Dog food?
Not nice :/ 1/5

Me05.07.2006 00:58
It's a good thing your keyboard knows that it's a keyboard.

That might have gotten out of hand.

Someone04.07.2006 23:20
Lol, shitty mod. If you didn't fin(n)ish it, why did you post this here anyway?
Btw.. Did you know that Finnish is a language that we talk in Finland?

Wolf_modius04.07.2006 23:19
coolio, good idea, no idea which letters they r tho.... 5/5