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Added: 06.07.2006
Game Consoles
Owner: Wesley
Country: USA
WWW: http://none

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Very subtle yet bright blue light. The pictures may seem its too bright but BARLY brighter than the stock red light.

For the sake of keeping the light at the angle I want it I don't want to re-open it to take pictures. Sorry:(

-Open the controller like usual.
-Desolder ONE leg of the stock Red LED
-Solder the 3mm (color of your choice) light to power and ground
-Bend the legs of the LED and position the 3mm LED BEHIND the stock RED LED. (When you get to this step you will see how the light transfers through the stock led)
-Position the light at the best angle to your personal preference. (This step is to adjust the brightness to a sense)
-IMPORTANT STEP: When you try to put the controller back together it wont go! You have to CUT a part of the controller that will press against your led that you just put in. You MIGHT be able to angle the leg or solder it on the other side of the PCB to get power and ground but you NEED to modify the controller if you are following my steps.
-Reassemble and enjoy.

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Rating: 2.36 - Votes: 22

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thunder tiger02.08.2006 22:59
Yes, you need to make the hole that the LED shines out of just a little bit bigger... just use a 3mm drill and drill a perfect hole... thats what i did

Marziin19.07.2006 18:51
Do I need any tools?

HandsomeDan10.07.2006 18:05
Basic, simple. Tried and true. A classic mod, with a nice tutorial. I like it.

Marziin08.07.2006 15:25
Very Strange....

Mik3h07.07.2006 19:42
Aye, I was first to upload this one. Good mod, case cutting is bit annoying eh?

puliukk006.07.2006 12:58
i have to do this too :P