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Added: 09.07.2006
Full Case
Owner: MaX
Country: Poland

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Project "Piramida" is my 2 project. Shed was executed from chipboard, stuck with natural veneer. The sides of shed were executed from Plexi and they be unlocked to mountain - every on 3 hinges... In front was installed aerial tunnel in which ventilator be becomes installed. The feeder was removed and installed on bottom of casing and he be earthed, according to the manufacturer's recommendations... I with curiosity checked this: when he does not it be earth it was reset near large burden... The low, backlit valve the feeder be cooled with control of turns. Drives, tray under plate and pockets silver chrome were painted. Project will will develop and will be sold and I prepare already next, unique project, about many better therefrom...

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Rating: 3.39 - Votes: 114

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nismo29927.07.2006 00:20
Are you from Poland, Germany or Finland ?
After looking at all mods by owner you come from all 3 countrys.

S20.07.2006 07:37
interesting design. 5/5 for originality

kk320.07.2006 02:52
i would be a bit worried about the groundings of psu :o

-celldweller-13.07.2006 21:56
very nice but doesnt the em-radiation interfere with other electronics?

Edgarde13.07.2006 21:17
bleeeee. 0/5 in poland mind brzydkie

Jusblair10.07.2006 20:01
I like the design, And full marks for being origional.

If it were me, I would build a base for it to hide cables, following on with the pyramid shape. I might also consider making a plexi cage for the CD Rom HD etc.

The natural wood look is nice, but I am not convinced it is the best choice for such a non organic shape... I would be looking at a different scheme... Perhaps alu.

But its not me that lives with it, its you.

Now that I have stopped being picky... 4/5

Good job!

HandsomeDan10.07.2006 18:03
Good mod, with some more than decent practicality factor. It definitely needs a paint job, and maybe a few more little 'touches' here and there to make it unique.

Definitely a great project; but it feels unfinished...

Mitsukai10.07.2006 17:49
Cool mod...but you really should paint it!! 4/5

Freddy Krueger10.07.2006 12:22
Nice job, very cool looking case.

Thou i dont like that color very much. But overall 4/5!

Keep up the good work.