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Added: 13.07.2006
Single case mods
Country: USA

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i bought my case figureing it was the best one out ther, but i was really for looks, turns out it was crappy, so i cut out the window and put in a bigger, full side pannel, then i cut a blowhole using a cd as a template, put in a 120 mm fan into it and lined the whole with some wire covering of a coax cable, then i made a 3 port fan controller, that controlls my 80mm blue led fan, my rear exaust, and the blowhole, also wraped the wires in uv green wrap and added 2 blue cold cathodes the pic of the breadboard is the board that has all the connections and whatnot for the fan controller

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*anonymous*15.07.2006 22:52
Bad picture cvality! but nice 2/5 nearly enybody could do that