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Added: 19.07.2006
Game Consoles
Owner: cubbox
Country: United Kingdom

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this is my second white gamecube after this one:

i missed the first one after i sold it so decided to make another one to keep :D, it is similar to the first though the front has been sprayed silver and so has the power button and the back curved handle. this one also has leds in the controller ports and holes above the ports each different sizes. they will be lit up eventually but i have not got round to this yet.

it was a standard black gamecube and i sprayed it white and added a few ports to the back such as a 3.5mm jack port for either headphones or another type of audio output. The post important ports though were the RCA ports which i required as i didnt have an AV cable and couldnt be bothered to buy one :D.. anyways they work perfectly luckily so

i finaly added an extra normal center pin power socket on the back as i have a car cigarette adaptor which works perfectly on the gamecube but doesnt fit the standard one.

the lid has a fan grill over the standard jewel which has been made clear instead of black

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Rating: 3.26 - Votes: 42

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Animedude10125.08.2007 20:48
yh kl mod ive done something similar and i found out how to the RCA ports. Anyway good mod man

zero gravity01.02.2007 16:53
how did ya put on da headphone plugs ???

supah-buttah-toast21.07.2006 19:27
this is an awsome mod and i was wondering if u could show how u made it..

cubbox20.07.2006 17:49
thanks, i used car auto spray paint with a layer of all purpose primer underneath.

Mik3h20.07.2006 12:46
Very nice! :)

But what kind of paint did you use?

N520.07.2006 02:22
Beautiful work. The added ports on the back are genius. Excellent, even paint. Possibly the best gamecube mod I've ever seen. 5