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Added: 20.07.2006
Other hardware/devices
Owner: Emerson
Country: USA

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I made this because i was listening to music on my laptop while playing WoW on my desktop, and "Crazy" by Gnarles Barkley came on. It sounded terrible through my laptop speakers, so i decided that i'd make my own speakers.

I found a clear [acrylic?] box in my basement, and started drilling hiles to mount the speakers in.

(i just attached them through iPW, because im lazy, but you can rehost them on imageshack for me if you like)

I'm Thinking of putting a row of LED's in the front, and finding a way to make them go with the music, or just have them on a switch.

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PGM08.08.2006 18:19
Saw your thread on iPW, but i thought id post here instead. Nice, what wattage is the amp/speakers?

*anonymous*20.07.2006 19:28

Emerson20.07.2006 18:52
I don't know, i wanted to control the music without having to minimise Warcraft

THORnTONIC20.07.2006 08:24
thats a pretty nifty mod, nice work, but why dont u listen to ur music on ur desktop whilst playing WoW?, or play WoW on ur laptop and listen to music on the desk?