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Added: 22.07.2006
Game Consoles
Owner: Wesley
Country: USA
WWW: http://none

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Simple LED's for the small version of the Xbox controller.

The disassembly was extremly easy and anyone can do it. There are a lot of tutorials for this mod but its mainly common sense when working with it.

In this mod youre going to cut or drill the center part of the A/X/Y/B buttons. I didn't drill or use any battery powered tool at all. I used a exacto knife, hot glue, and a soldering iron. If you're crafty enough you can make it look good! I know I tried my best...

-When you drill or cut the center of the buttons its going to make it hard because the middle of the button is where it pushed on the rubber to push the contacts on the PCB. Make sure to not cut TOO much and use the smallest LED possible.
-Don't cut/drill too far. You still want some white plastic between the button and the led (if you dont it will be extremly bright
-Use hot glue to replace the part you have cut or drilled. I.E. Youre making the hot glue flush with the original plastic you cut.
-USE SMALL WIRE! If you dont your buttons won't feel right and WILL stick.
-Be sure to get resistance.


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Rating: 3.19 - Votes: 16

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sinhumane24.07.2006 00:53
not bad at all.. better than my attempt... you should write up a tut on that one