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Added: 24.07.2006
Owner: a-xir
Country: Germany

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Yay ^^ i'm back with my white logitech board with some Serious Changes ^^

First of all, i've put plenty more of leds in there ^^ and the light is all dancing and blinking if i want it to! ^_^
the Num, Caps and Roll leds have been moved to underneath themselves (so if num or caps is active green light shines from beneath =D)

i also engraved the name of my beloved girl angie onto it (it's gonna be her's soon ^^) and i still think of engraving some nice curves and stuff on the whole thing (except the room where you write).

the light modes are switched by the User key directly on the keyboard (no ugly wires and switches

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Rating: 3.36 - Votes: 11

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clark_pant07.06.2007 00:17
hehe cool!

dan29.07.2006 00:33
this is f$ยง#ing awesome, dude!

a-xir25.07.2006 01:51
my.. the gif wouldn't show up properly...
well, it'll be up here then

greetz ^^