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Added: 24.07.2006
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: bluefusey
Country: USA

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Well here is my work/media station all packed against the wall.

I have that desktop hooked up to my stereo and a Altec Lansing 2.1 speaker system for large sound and i have the secondary video out hooked to the tv as an alternate monitor so i can watch my podcasts on the tv instead of the smaller monitor screen.

The desktop is a custom system: Chaintech 7VIF4 motherboard with onboard sound, Athlon XP 1.7ghz CPU, 512mb ram with Nvidia Geforce 4 video card with s-video out, one cd-rom drive, one external cdrw drive.

The laptop is a HP Pavilion zv6000 with AMD Athlon 64, 512mb ram, and dvdrw drive.

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Rating: 2.73 - Votes: 22

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Mike10.10.2007 20:15
I like the idea of using open dresser drawers to keep your keyboard. Perhaps it's time to buy a real desk?

Ratman26.07.2006 01:51
Where do u sit? u only use the mouse from laptop? kinda weirdo

Karl24.07.2006 18:32
Was going to give you a 4/5 for the effort but because you have no cover for the floppy drive 3/5.