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Added: 24.07.2006
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: Chuck
Country: USA

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This mod was one of my first mods and was acctually for a school project.

Simple desolder switches solder new ones on. I was going to add a little more but my 4 port usb hub broke and I was out of funding and very close to the due date.

- Mouse doesn't leave your fingers
- Interesting conversations at LAN parties
- Weird looks from friends?

- Kind of pointless
- Hand gets somewhat hot
- Hard to type with

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Rating: 3.27 - Votes: 96

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Anon15.05.2008 21:17
Elf: I can't see any of your mods on this website so you can't talk.

Elf08.05.2007 18:33
Worst f-ing "mod" ever

nothing14.04.2007 18:57

Uhhhh02.01.2007 12:14
Do you only have 4 fingers???

Chuck09.12.2006 07:07
Thanks for all of your comments on this project.

Fenderocker - That's a good idea but I don't plan to do it because acctually it is quite nice to have this glove warm right now due to the awsomeness of the Wisconsin weather at
-7 C for the high. =D

FINslayer - Thanks for the idea of the laser glove I will try to get that working someday!

Others - uhh Wirless mouse means batteries, patent costs cashes, Warm is good in winter

Thanks for all of the replys

fenderocker04.12.2006 01:50
Why don't you use one of those gloves that has no fingers, but just goes over the palm and the backside of the hand Thant would solve two of the three cons

||FINslayer||11.11.2006 23:18
That's a damn good idea! Just needs some fixing and cooling as you said, it's hot stuff!! Maybe a lighter glove would do it. You know, that could be very useful if someone regulary uses computer in a cold room etc...

(First when I looked at those pictures without reading the text, I thought you made a glove with a laser :D )


Prometheus23.10.2006 02:17
Wicked Sick... Really cool...

zaq15.08.2006 00:30
for the coolling problem: one cut holes in it or ad a mesh glove or something or cut the fingers off.

i thinkl this would be the kwelest thing if it were wireless and i mostlikey will be makeing this once i get an extera mause

oh yah and what anonyomus said use a wireless mouse so no restants like you can get up and walk around with it on

but yah THIS IS SOOOOOO PRO!!!!!!!!!!!

*anonymous*03.08.2006 18:58

*anonymous*03.08.2006 18:57
yep , with some upgrades would be very nice! i agree , patent this before someone else does it :D

IkeP9224.07.2006 18:20
Switch the glove for something thats more "breathable". like a golf glove?

Thiery24.07.2006 17:27
Cool,you should get patent for it before some manufacter gets it.

SWeed24.07.2006 16:45
xD 3/5

*anonymous*24.07.2006 13:43
LOL thats crazy 4/5