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Added: 26.07.2006
Single case mods
Owner: PaulK501
Country: USA

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for this mod I used 10 6000mcd leds, I placed them inside the airintake vent on my pc tower. I've been wanting to do this mod lately and I finally have gotten around to it. it took me about 2 hours to assemble and find a resistor then mount inside my pc case. I like it because its a nightlight lol

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Rating: 2.67 - Votes: 15

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miggi04.12.2006 23:18
LoL yuo use so much blue LED... have they recently fallen of a truck? :D

apocalypse08.08.2006 19:54
all 13(14) leds in mouse work with primary power source (for 1 led)???

Paulk50127.07.2006 02:15
my mouse is not a razer mouse ( ive never even hurd of a razer mouse) my mouse is a logitech mouse with 13 leds in it and the red changed to blue. and yes I admit it my case sucks.

check out my mouse mod and my keybored mod at these links


Mitsukai26.07.2006 18:07
I can see that you have a razer mouse (I have one diamondback plasma LE)...hehehe...razer rocks...!!Your mod...well...kind of useless if you know what I mean...the mouse iluminates that same space on it's own...and in my case...the 2 blue cathodes I've instaled...iluminate the whole room!!You must do better than something about your case man...paint it...remove those ugly stickers...paint the drives bright white like the razer mouse...paint that ugly grill black as the bottom of the mouse...something like that!!

Find some time to work on your PC tower...just leds...dont do the thing!! 2/5 for incentive to do better!!