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Added: 26.07.2006
Single case mods
Owner: GSX
Country: USA

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Here is my watercooled AMD powered PowerMac G5. All work was custom done by me in just under 2 weeks. Pc is not exactlly top of the line but will do. Some PC specs:
AMD XP 3000+ Barton
Biostar MD7
1gb of ddr400 ram
Geforce 6800
2x WD 160gb SATA HDD's RAID 0
X-connect 500W PSU
DangerDen pump
DangerDen TDX block
Custom Radiator(Trans cooler)
Custom Reservoir
Full 1/2" copper tube(no hoses thru out the sys)
See all the pics here:

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.29 - Votes: 55

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drinn12.08.2006 02:47
I like those pipes :) (and how you've hidden components) 5/5 just because of those things.. Only thing which I don't like, is the case original design :P

Tile10.08.2006 17:27
This is the best G5 casemod around. I like the super clean execution and the fact that no wires are visible. Looks absolutely sweet

GSX05.08.2006 13:39
Solarfall, main reason was because it loooks good. Then again the whole sysetm is a heatsink(kinda). As for removing the mb, it's not that hard. There are small pices of hose joining the copper tube to the pump, so it has some flex(not that I need to remove the mb that often)

*anonymous*04.08.2006 21:37
you are one damn good modder !

solarfall04.08.2006 15:03
Why not use the standard pvc/pur tubing for your watercooling. i mean removing Your components, like the motherboard must be hell ;) well at least its unique 4/5

jaguarking1101.08.2006 06:14
Great mind think alike. I run a full copper line as well. Including my gpu block. I run mce as well.

Here is a link to my project log if your interested.

5/5 ++++++++

GSX30.07.2006 01:52
It's running XP Media Center Edition. Might try some Vista tho.

kunteper30.07.2006 00:14
looks pretty good

Nikolas27.07.2006 15:13
Are you using Intel MacOSX on this?

Mitsukai26.07.2006 17:59
Interesting: 5/5

GSX26.07.2006 13:37
Seems that I put it in the wrong category. This is a bit more then a sincle case mod. If any mod sees this, plz move to full case mods if possible.

Wolf_modius26.07.2006 13:16
dude that is one unique computer, I like the bottom layer covered up, looks great, nice and neat too. 5/5