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Added: 26.07.2006
Game Consoles
Owner: GSX
Country: USA

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Here is my Far Cry themed xbox 360. This was all painted using a special process, with about 8 different colors. Enjoy!
Check out all the pics here(2nd page):

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 240

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Lups15.10.2008 13:09
That is bloody awesome! How much time did it take, all together in making?

BassBlower28.07.2008 00:36
Thats sick! I want that case so bad! :D

PyroM16.02.2007 12:58
That's cool Jurassic Park-like modding. Keep it up!

GSX25.08.2006 22:18
Close enough, except it was yellow base then like 6 colors blended and a very light coat of green to blend the lines thru out the case.

sinhumane16.08.2006 04:47
cool paint. like your use of the netting to get that effect. i think i have your technique figured out.. acid green base. wrapped, dark green second coat, then purple on top.. right? liiks like croc skin.. pretty sick man.. i'll have to go try some of that for myself

flabs11.08.2006 12:29
That is by far the coolest console I have ever laid my eyes on!
I'n anxious to see what you'll come up with in the future.

GSX09.08.2006 06:11
It's far from done but you can see the progress here:

keijjo08.08.2006 00:21
said you are working with a new project? your mods are interesting so it´d be cool to see also the latest project here @ metku when ready! (btw, does my english suck?)

solarfall06.08.2006 18:55
damn thats cool looking xbox. im quessing u painted that whit an airbrush. 5/5

GSX05.08.2006 13:42
I'm looking to only get rid of the case...if the price is right :) Got a new project going.

*anonymous*05.08.2006 12:28
are u selling this thing?

Nays31.07.2006 16:05
That is RAW! 5/5

Ricardo is Gay29.07.2006 00:35
I will give you $750.51 for that 360. And screw you Ricardo


Jonathon is Gay29.07.2006 00:32
I will give you $750.50 for that 360. And screw you Jonathon


Johnathan29.07.2006 00:30
I will give you 750 dollars for that 360. Please contact me at

GSX28.07.2006 00:14
Thatks for the feedback guys. Even tho there is some haters voting low.

*anonymous*27.07.2006 11:31
paintjob = sick _o/ 5/5

DigitalBliss27.07.2006 09:42
Thats fucking sick

Dummy27.07.2006 09:22
That look's absolutely awesome! Nice mod!

RadeX27.07.2006 00:27
I love the scars :) great mod

James26.07.2006 18:45
That is a great mod!
I wish I can get my 360 to look like that.

Thiery26.07.2006 18:35
Some camo coloring,fine work 5/5

Mitsukai26.07.2006 17:57
This is the most incredible Game Console mod I've ever seen!! 1000/5!! You rule!!!