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Added: 02.08.2006
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Owner: Surratt
Country: USA

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I was bored one day and I always wanted to do this. I made a hidden draw with my end table. It looks like a regular end table until I tap the left corner of the table. Then out pops a hidden draw. It was really simple to make. I used an old CD drive that I had just laying around. I attached a small draw to it and then I modifed the butten so that when I tap the left end of the corner it will open. Then I just tap the corner again and it closes. And know one knows about it.

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Mrono14.08.2006 09:52
That's inovative, reminds me of when I was a little kid and used a PC cd-rom and as a cd player.

Mitsukai03.08.2006 05:02
Only one thing to say...5/5, man!!!

Surratt02.08.2006 19:44
Ya I did not change the power at all. I have an old computer power supply that I use for power. So I would have to say it is pluged through my computer and the wall.

*anonymous*02.08.2006 16:54
And know one knows about it.

Umm u posted it on teh interwebs now every1 knows...
nicely done tho....4/5

2bitwhore02.08.2006 15:50
what do you use for power? does it connect to your comp? or batteries? wallwort? very nice tho, 5/5 for innovation

flabs02.08.2006 11:26
f*ckin' awesome!! dude you rock! :D