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Added: 02.08.2006
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Thunder Tiger
Country: United Kingdom

.: All mods by owner...
Ermmmm ok where to start ? ok..

-On the very right is my DVDs, Games, CD-r spindles, DVD cases and tools...
-5.1 surround - Yamaha TSS-1 - Digiyal input from PC
-Fnice coolin breeze from me clip fan lol - its like 30oC here in the UK
- Soldering stuff
Digi cam - 3.2 Mpixel
Electrical testing stuff
- Multimedia Keyboard
-Packard Bell wireless optical mouse - 1600 DPi
- Battlefield 2 - guides.. PID is thundertiger06 if u want to find me playing...

2 printers (HP inkjet and an HP photosmart)
Lava lamp lol

Linksys WAG354G router with high gain antenna

And now... The PC
Was an HP


2.0 GHz sempron 3400+ (yes i know,, got to get a 939 motherboard)
2 Gigs of Corsair RAM
256Mb ATi Radeon X700 PRO
Cooler master Cooling stuff
Getting a new case as soon as my ATX MoBo arrives

Just got my LEDs from phenoptix to get going
with my first mod on My pc !

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Rating: 2.42 - Votes: 33

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Jaa-a13.01.2007 02:53
Meininki tos on et pakettikoneet rulz the nation =/

Thunder Tiger12.08.2006 21:14
Lol.. kl... I dont use tht as an MP3 player though - I have an iPod for my Music XD

drinn12.08.2006 02:55
Just clean the desk and it's more "Cooller" ;p You have btw same MP3 player =)

moz07.08.2006 02:23
lol you got a lynx clicker....great desk there

thunder tiger03.08.2006 23:45
HAHAH no that is not a dildo... its a keyboard hoover to clean out inbetween the keys of the board... i use it for my PC fans and GFX card lol

wow03.08.2006 20:59
Nice set up, as messy as mine ;)

Btw, in the second pic, right to the case, am i just dreaming or did a see a dildo??

professor+lort03.08.2006 18:28

thunder tiger03.08.2006 12:59
lol... ots not always like that... i was in the middle of a mod and everything was out.... thats why its messy

flabs03.08.2006 12:54
you're wondering what aaatu said? he said that desk is pretty basic, a bit messy tho.

*anonymous*03.08.2006 12:21
Sorry, where can i find a good online finnish translator ?? or can someone translate ?

Ok setup BTW

aaaatu03.08.2006 11:02
Melko perussettiƤ.. Sotkuista ja silleen...

thunder tiger03.08.2006 01:37
Yo, i have added some blue LED lights to my PC after i posted this - check the forums for it..

Thunder Tiger03.08.2006 00:32
I recently Added some LEDs to MY pc after posting this so here is the new mods...