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Added: 03.08.2006
Full Case
Owner: the punisher
Country: Israel

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First of all i'm in the middle of learning english so don't laugh about my write,i think that I started to built my mod before a month,and all this shit cost me 500 shekels,it's my first mod,and i think that is A basic mod but i will continue to tuned this machine,try to take some ideas from me and i will glad to help you guys if problems will show in the middle....

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Rating: 2.17 - Votes: 36

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thr punisher07.08.2006 19:28
I had removed the puma logo and changed the bright walls of the case to A new ones...

thunder tiger04.08.2006 14:13
Awesome !! remove teh puma logo and it will look great... i like the idea of the clear top !! looks a bit too bright though or is it just the cam ??

Psu looks good...


PyroDevil04.08.2006 09:04
is that a poster in right side?

tjust04.08.2006 03:13
nice picture on the side =D

Ratman04.08.2006 01:39
Remove the Puma logo on the front :P