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Added: 05.08.2006
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: Fido
Country: Finland

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Last week I raided top secret government facility and stole this poison inside the vile.... nah just kidding. :)

I had one of those plexi glass cigar tubes laying around and decided to make a gag for someone. I also made it so that when you push bottom cap deeper in, the blue led turns on and lights the liquid.

PS: If someone wonders what really is in the vile, it's just antifreeze coolant :)

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Rating: 3.39 - Votes: 54

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Ilx21.12.2006 19:53
poison inside the vile..

Nice mod indeed!
PS. Isn't 'vile' really spelled vial?

*anonymous*10.08.2006 21:03
lol, very nice, maybe add a biohazard sign? :P

KHa06.08.2006 22:05
5/5, for sure! Even though you make me sick! ;D

adam06.08.2006 04:51
haha, Antifreeze really is poison! You should make another vile that contains the antidote! 4/5 cuz it's funny

N506.08.2006 00:00
That's sweet. Just make sure the person dosn't drink it and keeps it away from pets :D