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Added: 07.08.2006
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: SAMPQ
Country: Finland

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ensimmäinen modini =) ja onnistunut vieläpä aikas hyvin ainakin omasta mielestäni..
elikkäs ihan rotta flekti modi ja maalaus jonka ryssin pari kertaa.. =P
toivottavasti tykkäättekelpuutatte =)

Admin's comments/notes:
A fan meant for laptop, some paint and holes...

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Rating: 1.53 - Votes: 98

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*anonymous*12.10.2009 21:27
Translate that into Finnish, jerk off!

*anonymous*12.10.2009 21:26
Maybe give it a non-slip surface so your hand doesn't slip off from all of the lotion or vasiline on your hand from doing the 5 knuckle shuffle on your piss pump.

me23.12.2006 21:46
what sarcasm?? *gg*

*anonymous*06.09.2006 23:05
Can't you geeks recognize the sarchasm in the dungeons and dragons remark?

geekmommalover17.08.2006 05:24
Wow, my dungeon dragon buddies will love this idea!

flabs10.08.2006 21:54
And the idea for this mod came for Japala first... So your're barking at the wrong tree ;)

lwdn10.08.2006 14:53
Mitsukai... Its a fan inside the mouse to keep your hand cool.

CyberDruid09.08.2006 02:46
definite improvement

Patsku08.08.2006 18:45
Komppaan Mitsukaita. Jotakin uutta vois kylläkin keksiä, vanhojen ideoitten kierrätyksen sijasta :), mutta ihan nättipelihän tästäki tuli. 4/5

Mitsukai08.08.2006 06:44
You really could be more inventive than that....I mean....dont you have other ideas than a bunch of holes in circle?? 1/5!!