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Added: 14.08.2006
Single case mods
Owner: Mrono
Country: USA

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I was reading through a site and saw a bunch of mods with lcd screens in the front of cases. I thought that was pretty sweet, zip foward to a few months later when I was web browsing and i came across some more screens mounted. Then I remembered an old gamecube screen I had, I pulled it apart and found a place for it. I got lucky as it runs off of 12v. I used an old ATI card for the composite out. It only supports composite in so it's kinda blury but it supports 800x600. Was not hard to mount, 2 hours to finish. It shows up as another desktop and I use konfabulator widgets.

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Rating: 3.18 - Votes: 33

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ToRn Creations16.12.2006 02:35
Nice idea.. but the tape HAS to go.. 2/5

Jipa08.10.2006 01:15
All the stuff is held in place with tape? eww.

Cptn. Vortex15.08.2006 05:49
Very Nice! BenQ FP202W!! Sweet monitor!

ak14.08.2006 19:10
well atleast you can use it for aim and stuff ^^

Ratman14.08.2006 16:40
That rocks, u sure had many luck :P