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Added: 14.08.2006
Game Consoles
Owner: Thunder Tiger
Country: United Kingdom

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Well... this is my playstation...

Stripped down and sprayed gold...

Lid sprayed black and added plexi windows to make a radioactive symbol on top...

Comtroller painted gold aswell... just got to put it back together..

Gonna add some yellow LEDs to the inside where the disc goes...

And thats it XD

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Rating: 2.77 - Votes: 30

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*anonymous*15.01.2007 06:17
hmmmm..... maybe you should hace practiced with something else..
It really shows that it´s the first time you cut something up :D Nice idea thought

who?11.11.2006 13:25
i think thats about the dodgiest thing i've seen here ! :P

Thunder Tiger14.09.2006 20:13
Read my last post - ITS MY FIRST WINDOW MOD... sure it sucks but it is my first

puliukk009.09.2006 20:00
thats sucks :SSS 1/5

Thunder TIger17.08.2006 20:16
Dude... Its my first mod... People, please cut us noobs some slack...

1 point17.08.2006 00:54
dude i know you might have been upset ans angry but did u have to take it out on the playstation? Seriously?

Thunder Tiger16.08.2006 01:27
The windows are NOT held in with the tape... i hot glued them in...

The tap is there because when i was cutting out the triangular holes... i slipped on nearly all of them and would have looked even worse if i had filed them all down to look straight...

I slipped with the drill too and that is covered by tape...

Wolf_modius15.08.2006 21:01
good idea, but needs work around the windows and the buttons should be the same colour =P 3/5 for effort tho!

SWeed15.08.2006 19:32
that sucks 1/5

Thiery15.08.2006 13:00
Well you have to start somewhere,idea is good and i'm sure that your next mod will be better 3/5.

Thunder Tiger15.08.2006 11:33
Hey... this is my first window mod so give me a bit of credit for trying...

Mitsukai15.08.2006 08:39
Well the idea behind this is good...but, sincerely...that lid could be done a lot's awefull!! Bad cutted...twisted from center...bad painted...etc!! Better luck next time!! give this 2/5 just because of the work in the lid!!

thunder tiger15.08.2006 00:38
I didnt mention it was two tone paint.... Gold and looks darker from different angles... and also i accidentally scratched it under the power button