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Added: 16.08.2006
Other computer HW
Owner: Juan Cordon
Country: Belgium

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15 “panel of TFT transformed certainly more aesthetic. I must acknowledge that the idea came me while visiting your site

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Rating: 3.42 - Votes: 278

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BARTMAN23.06.2007 23:06
GREAT WORK ! 5 from me . Keep it up , would be nice to see some Acrylic case to match it :] and maybe a keyboard too.

Tile14.09.2006 02:16
I like the execution of the LCD stand. You took the idea to the next level.

Cptn. Vortexx29.08.2006 11:32
Simply beautiful +5

*anonymous*28.08.2006 17:13
1337 , love it (lessthanthree)

sinhumane19.08.2006 05:14
lucite? i liek it.. would look cooler all clear or smoked glass. 4/5

Xeba18.08.2006 18:49
that's cool. very sophisticated ;) 4/5

Thunder Tiger17.08.2006 20:14




zaq17.08.2006 18:48
holy friggen crud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!999999/5

Ratman17.08.2006 11:06
No comments for this mod of perfection! 500/5

Mitsukai16.08.2006 20:10
Perfection!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5...hell no...500/5!!!

Ruutis16.08.2006 19:40
WOW! :D This is cooler than original "trans-tft" ;)
I would give 8 points if i can but i give 5 now :D

solarfall16.08.2006 18:57
very professional looking mod, your tft rock's.55

Wolf_modius16.08.2006 17:47
wow that is absolutely superb! 5/5

Drakmin16.08.2006 15:57
Nice to see more of these "trans-tft" mods coming out! Good work and nice fresh colour in the plastic used. Just wondering how long that tilt-joint will last. If i see correct it is held together only by one screw?

mustonen16.08.2006 15:52
Wow dude, that's awesome. Damn, now I've gotta do something like that myself:). Definitely worth 5 points.