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Added: 25.08.2006
Single case mods
Owner: nismo299
Country: Sweden

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I bought a pen cup (spelling?) at IKEA and after a little cutting and placed on the cpu fan, You got a sport airfilter!

Admin's comments/notes:
Hey, that is a great idea! :)

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Rating: 3.42 - Votes: 86

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nismo29926.01.2007 00:16
yep buttons from biltema IKEA+biltema= modding :)

..::PB::..15.01.2007 19:41
Damn! thats smart... i have to visit Ikea soon!... and what is that im seeing? is that illuminated Buttons from Biltema on the front??? :P

nismo29921.11.2006 12:37
it was in the computer when I got it

nw17.11.2006 20:28
where did you get an IBM board???

nismo29931.10.2006 00:17
nah i dont think its needed to "pick" some holes at the top its an 1,8ghz proc... and it would look bad with holes

*anonymous*29.10.2006 17:49
you should pick some holes at the top

nismo29926.09.2006 22:32
linky to case: i think its right

Ratman21.09.2006 20:32
I would like to see a pic of case total.

aaaatu21.09.2006 19:40
Aletzi, tuskinpa. -.- Ulkonäöllinen seikka vaan ja ehkä hiukan sormisuojan tehtävässäkin..

Aletzi21.09.2006 16:04
Onko tän tarkotus suodattaa pölyä ?

nismo29929.08.2006 17:23
yeah I tought of that but I think it would get the cpu to hot :/

iiK29.08.2006 16:27
put a nylon sock tight against the inside of the cup and print a RAID-HP (or something) sticker and put it on the end and you'l have car ppl go nuts ;)

nismo29928.08.2006 22:24
sorry double post if you mean who I can show my computer case to.
1 you guys on the internet
2 lan partys (I live in sweden and we got dreamhack :P)
3 and my freinds
im sure theres is more

nismo29928.08.2006 22:19
I dont know what you are talking about steveo.
Take that in english please :P

ST3V3028.08.2006 18:22
its a bit sad moding your ownd pc lmao who can you show it off 2

nismo29927.08.2006 13:40
It's an old GeForce FX 5700 that i bought for 100kr (~13,50$) but its not my main computer.

Corrosion26.08.2006 23:20
Whats your video card. looks like a 9600?

Mitsukai25.08.2006 23:34 good to know more people like me that use other things to make some cooler fans look more unique!! Great job!! 5/5