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Added: 05.09.2006
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: kotis
Country: Finland

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Here is my office. I am sorry about the bad quality. Two computers one for gaming and one for mirc and msn. 4 loudspeakers+subwoofer: 2 salora KS 330 and 2 owm made and subwoofer is own made. Amplifier is JVC RX-5052

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Rating: 2.05 - Votes: 19

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Karl14.10.2006 03:48
Wow your using a 500mhz compaq to do anything. I have to say you have a real gem there. A 1 in a million shot of having one that works.

*anonymous*16.09.2006 18:10
lame as* woofers u got :DD

kotis06.09.2006 19:39
pöydällä on tarkotus mahtua tekee läksyjä.. Mut kyl toi kuvaamisen jälkee on siivottu.

Ratman06.09.2006 00:12
Dude so much chaos in that room, i know its desktop section but u need new chair and try to mod ur case. clean it up 2

drinn05.09.2006 23:48
wtf.. miks pidät noita koneita noin ankeis paikoissa? :P ku tossa ois mukavempiki paikka iha vieres, jonka suosittelen siivoo :p