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Added: 06.09.2006
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: CraXz
Country: Netherlands

.: All mods by owner...
Hey, this is my room... Got some upgrades sins last time i posted... Hope u liek my room... Don't bother the teddycrap and plants and stuff.. Mom keep dropping all kinda crap in my room... lol

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Rating: 3.31 - Votes: 64

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Huoh_16.12.2007 02:07
Nice set man, and that poster was nice!!!!!!!!!!! 4/5

imi24.06.2007 13:53
very good izba

Hanksi27.12.2006 16:42
It could be that he wont listen to hiphop anymore, he just forgot to tear the poster apart from the ceiling :)

And goddammit what a widescreen!!!

The only thing i didnt like are those plants all over your room... Replace them with plasma globes :D

miggi30.11.2006 16:29
nice widescreen, dude.
but yuo should get rid of taht 50cent poster, stop listening to hiphop and start listening to the best music that emerges from NL: trance!

flob13.10.2006 16:04
You must be buff as hell to work out with so many weights. You should compete.

*anonymous*08.10.2006 23:03
hahhahh... Small TV

CraXz17.09.2006 23:55
What u mean?, working supa

*anonymous*17.09.2006 19:38
is something wrong with your logitech g15 keyboard?

Ratman17.09.2006 17:30
I will be waiting forward to see that.

CraXz16.09.2006 22:36
Well i am working on my pc case now... ull see the mod in a couple of months onlin here...

*anonymous*16.09.2006 18:22
tosi lame, tangossa vaa muutama kilo rautaa, seinällä fiftisentti ja sängyssä seepralakana :((

CraXz16.09.2006 00:47
Ye, well its a zebra... Lawl.. But try to avoyd the bed as much as possible... But i don;t realy care about that stuff yet.. still not living on my own... And whats all about 50cent..... its just a damm poster...

*anonymous*16.09.2006 00:18
50 cent eww

adam15.09.2006 02:34
looks like he sleeps on that zebra print corner you can see in the wnd pic

CraXz15.09.2006 00:16
Made all the pics on my bad .. :P

masterflappie14.09.2006 19:15
nice from a Netherlands mod ;) (me 2) same of the wals and where are you sleeping ? :P 5/5

drinn12.09.2006 23:13
Kinda nice room, but 50 cent's poster? Argh.. that gives u some minus :(

Where did you got that mini fridge? :) looks cool

As10.09.2006 11:25
Well atleast get rid of those posters.

CraXz09.09.2006 19:18

Well i am 17atm.. But won't be leaving the house for a couple years.. got it way to good ere.. and wana finnish my skool first...

As09.09.2006 17:22
Quite rich father you have? :D
If you're getting your living by yourself, I'd say grow up kiddo.

Cptn. Vortex09.09.2006 05:41
Is that an Antec New Solution Series Case? If so, good choice. Also, G15 is the way to go, and nice Samsung.

CraXz08.09.2006 08:36
And Gangsta?.... So music makes u a gangsta... r liek.. i s great i i don't leik 50cent s... anyone is is stupid... nvr heard of a opion... U get a life.. u need 1..

CraXz08.09.2006 08:32
Lawl... Its just a poster.... U liek a n00bie o waht...

Q-bollocks08.09.2006 02:38
So... you like 50 Cent. 1/5 for you, gansta. Get a life.

aaaatu08.09.2006 00:33
ja räppäreistä tulee miinusta.

aaaatu08.09.2006 00:31
melko porvarimeininki. :s

CraXz07.09.2006 13:45
Hehe... and yes tahts a samsung monitor...

Ratman07.09.2006 12:04
The whole room is nice, is that samsung monitor? just forget about that poster of 50 cent, without that it would have been a 4/5 :P

Aldan07.09.2006 02:10
Nice layout. Love the monitor.