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Added: 20.09.2006
Single case mods
Owner: Kenny_McCormick
Country: Spain

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This is my first engraving work. Made with 105 dremel bit in the right side panel of a Cooler Master Centurion 5 case.

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Rating: 3.14 - Votes: 59

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mau11.10.2006 18:05

Jipa08.10.2006 01:13
Very nice indeed. There's something messy around the legs but especially as for the first carving I'd say the result is outstanding!

*anonymous*24.09.2006 15:07
super !

apocalypse21.09.2006 23:03
dont agree that its small, i think that its proper size and it fits with the overall look of the case...
absolutely great ! 5.......

solarfall21.09.2006 19:39
agree with mitsukai it's too small. but never the less great piece of modding 4/5

Mitsukai21.09.2006 18:55
Nice work!! I only point one bad's too should make it in order to cover the whole side panel!! 4/5 because of that!!

Wolf_modius21.09.2006 09:35
did u do it freehand or use a stencil? cus I want to do something like that on my case =D 5/5 Ace!

Chip21.09.2006 03:37
I have the exact same case. I like how the engraving reflects the light. I might have to do this with mine ;)

Panther21.09.2006 03:02
Looks nice and smooth :)