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Added: 20.09.2006
Owner: RadeX
Country: Poland

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Modded Shift key ;] :D

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Rating: 3.42 - Votes: 160

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billyd03.03.2010 15:01
this is stupid unless u got the brain ov a ten yr old,how sad r sum people?

Cosferos20.06.2008 07:23
This is way cool~!

Orbital12.04.2008 21:24
this is great, i already done it to mine, its funny no one notices

.:chalin:.19.02.2008 19:46
Im just going to make it to my keyboard.:-D...5/5

sinhumane21.06.2007 00:10
heh.. i now have a 'shit' key at work!

[RAG]Noto25.05.2007 14:01
Rofl, briljant :D

k00pa16.04.2007 12:44
=D lol

rboos05.03.2007 04:01
Perfect! That's the whole point behind good ideas. It was there the whole time and nobody noticed. Gonna "adjust" my keyboard right now!!! :-)

lolled24.11.2006 14:24
lol this is awesome 5/5

*anonymous*22.11.2006 16:54
lol that funny, i have to do that my self!

*anonymous*07.11.2006 04:37
if that's photoshop, that's one *shifty* photoshop. god i'm lame.

Djedditt06.11.2006 16:52
Yeah it doesn't look Photoshopped at all, you can clearly see he scratched away the 't' and some of the 'f'

RadeX31.10.2006 19:33
No! :) It hasn't been photoshoped, If it was I would told you.
The letter "t" in "Shift" is scratsched with a knife. So that's why you think so :)

Jesse26.10.2006 19:42
I like the idea, but it has been photo-shopped. YOU DAMN! :D

thunder tiger24.10.2006 19:40
If u look real close st the word - you can see it has been photo-shopped

5/503.10.2006 09:54
funny XDDD

*anonymous*24.09.2006 15:06

RadeX22.09.2006 08:23
You're right. Non related & jokes would be better section I think. Some "serious" people can be disgusted ;]

Mitsukai21.09.2006 18:58
Humm...interesting...I dont know if this would be on non computer related & jokes section instead, but I liked the joke!! 3/5