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Added: 28.09.2006
Full Case
Owner: Saiha
Country: Poland

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Hi there :)
Here you've got my last project called Red Alert.
I've bought this case for about 4. I decided to do sth not typical. For ex. fire-extinguisher is added to my water-cooling system and works perfectly.
I love this kind of "safety stuff".


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Rating: 3.42 - Votes: 183

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**************25.01.2010 16:02
z tą gaśnicą to nieźle pojechałeś

Wajper05.11.2008 15:51
i dlatego kocham polske...

mac17302.12.2006 19:29
Thanks for the translation of the stickers. I like the use of the wire mesh, adds some contrast to offset the red. Using the fire extenguisher was a great idea. I would love to see a pic of the offside, where the water hoses go into and out of the case.

J0330.10.2006 17:22
wtf too red is perfect where is your pc ???
this too red pc is the best pc ever nerd

*anonymous*03.10.2006 00:19
too much red i don't like it 1/5

The First Anonymous02.10.2006 02:07
@ Saiha - it's ugly.

"maybe you think that this kind of stuff should look roundly? Hehe, I don't think so."

*anonymous*01.10.2006 18:08
the theme is pretty out of the ordinary but it's very well made. 3/5

apocalypse01.10.2006 16:49
amazing 55..
nice idea, & very good realisation

*anonymous*01.10.2006 11:12
nice theme _o/

*anonymous*30.09.2006 15:26
Yeah! 5/5, love it!

Mitsukai30.09.2006 02:07
Yah man!! That's what I'm talking about!! Absolutly great job!! 5/5 no doubt!! The smoke burning part and also the sign's and grills...damn...absolutly astonishing!!

Saiha30.09.2006 01:37
Unfortunately I'm not going to remove that stickers, because they are integral part of this case. Hmmmm... I'm a little bit worried, that many people have never seen any "water-hose locker" or "electrical equipment case" in real life ;-)

*anonymous*30.09.2006 01:21
Remove the stickers and it's much better.. Till then 3/5

*anonymous*30.09.2006 00:29
It looks nice and so but it isnt very original or so, just an nice paintjob and tidy inside with a bunch of stickers.
I dont say its ugly or anything but it isnt anything new with it sorry....

Saiha29.09.2006 21:22
@ *anonymous* - maybe you think that this kind of stuff should look roundly? Hehe, I don't think so.

@ aaatu - yeah, that was one of ideas, but I should have more time to do this. It was "low cost / short time" mod ;)

@ slayer - it has "power button" inside ;) This blue sticer on the side wall says "Main power cutout", so this button is behind. This case has no external drives. I don't need this.


*anonymous*29.09.2006 20:16
Looks very square and boxy.

Ratman29.09.2006 14:26
must say thats a 5/5
big improvement

aaaatu29.09.2006 07:15
You should get "In Case of Emergency, Break Glass" -sticker or paint that to the window. (: But gotta say.. that is cool!

slayer29.09.2006 07:04
Nice ..where r d drives n on /off buttons ?

HandsomeDan29.09.2006 00:49
Is there any kind of drive access at all?

Gazoogleheimer28.09.2006 23:59
Good job...nice work for a 4 euro case! That was a good case mod with a crappy case.