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Added: 20.10.2006
Other hardware/devices
Owner: Foxbat
Country: Finland

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I had some 12 volt stuff laying around, so i decided to make something of them. It turned to be an light system/controller! Power comes from 12 volt 10 AH lead-battery. I made it in about 3 days (working on it about 3 hours a day) Those leds are indicators if the switch is on (for example red switch (55 watt spot)is on, then the yellow led is on) I am gonna add some more leds and functions to it. Im really happy how it did turn out. (hey, what else could you expect from 12 year old guy like me!) I will use it for Airsoft matches at night, to signal and give sum' light to my team. Or, some completely other thing... PLEEEASEEEEEEE COMMENT!

See video of complete thing in¤t=IM001639.flv

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Rating: 3.14 - Votes: 42

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sinhumane31.01.2007 21:15
hmm.. maybe one of those covered killswitches? then it would look liek a detonator.. and a plexi box over it! lol. good idea.. needs refining. 3/5

..::PB::..20.11.2006 12:43
Dude seriosly... what are you thinking... i mean its good that you understand the basic electronics you need to build that thing, but why post it here in that shape, you can do a much better job before you share it with us!
i like the idee but please, clean that sh*t up! now!

desil29.10.2006 17:32
Nice Idea, I have seen projects like this one before. If you want honest feedback from me, I would have to say that you could do with tidying up those wires; other than that it looks very good.

Foxbat27.10.2006 14:02
Se on ohjausyksikkö traktori-valolle ja kaukovalolle... Saa virrat 12 voltin, 10 ah:in akusta.

PhAnToM26.10.2006 18:43
Siis mitä tämä tekee?

mthed20.10.2006 22:57
Nice work, a bit messy though.

Mitsukai20.10.2006 21:15
Nice use for "laying around doing nothing" things!5/5

Foxbat20.10.2006 20:23
Btw, sorry for the pic's quality. (i have currently only 2 mpixels in my camera)

Diversant9220.10.2006 18:34
Looks good, kinda detonetor lol.
Regards, Yossy aka-Diversant92

Freak20.10.2006 18:25
very nice thing...