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Added: 30.10.2006
Other hardware/devices
Owner: Wolf_modius
Country: United Kingdom

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my graphics card got very hot, and I was getting worried that it might not last long (it only has a small heatsink) and with no money I couldn't buy anything. so I found an old power pack that didn't work and took the fan out of it, and I also took the USB port cable from an old mouse, and so I made this, hope you like it =D it is ugly tho, but I didn't want looks, I wanted cooling.

pic 1 is the fan working in my case.

pic 2 is the fan outside the case so you can see what it looks like.

pic 3 is the same as 2 but at a different angle.

enjoy =D

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Rating: 3.37 - Votes: 115

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Wolf_modius03.12.2006 14:50
nah it's my phone, it has problems, but it plays music and what not

miggi03.12.2006 10:44
dude, your digicam is screwed up.

Wolf_modius24.11.2006 17:32
*buying something that is pre-modded :/

Wolf_modius24.11.2006 17:31
modding is about modifing something, not being something thats pre-modded :/

loggerx23.11.2006 22:44
Stupid idea. You should power that fan directly from the supply, USB port is design for more importatnt things.
Even if You want connect multiple fans, You still can buy a cheap molex power divider.

Wolf_modius06.11.2006 23:24
well with USB I can use it for mutliple things =D

shlliekas06.11.2006 23:00
i have question...
why tF@#K USB??? can't you just connect it to power sup???

Wolf_modius05.11.2006 22:21
well my measurements were just touching the core of the heatsink, without the fan really hot, with the fan it was reli cool, and I can play Counter strike source for hours now =D.......yeh I know im a nerd.....

*anonymous*05.11.2006 14:48
before: 99 degrees after: 98 degrees? oh, and those arent fahrenheits.. :D

Wolf_modius03.11.2006 19:09
o rite, I didn't look but it certainly cools the heatsink alot!

DanAdamKOF03.11.2006 13:23
I meant temperature before and after adding that fan.

Mitsukai01.11.2006 15:01
Well...I think if you didn't had any money you could try to temporarily do this...if it works, great...But My advice to soon you can get some money...try to buy a new GPU cooler (the Zalman's are not very expensive these days, it could be something to think about)!! Be cool!! For de funcionality...3/5!

Wolf_modius31.10.2006 18:08
what do u mean by before or after information?

DanAdamKOF31.10.2006 11:40
any before/after information?