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Added: 31.10.2006
Full Case
Owner: RadeX
Country: Poland

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Case mad from wood and painted with red paint :)

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 108

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Asterix14.02.2012 21:44
I lol'ed

Mike07.12.2007 03:36
Can you use the axe to carry the case ?

Mörkö10.05.2007 16:42
Heh, You have used logo of The Offpsring (a band) :)

Aldan15.04.2007 16:05
Poor carpentry, the MDF would look much better sealed and finished.

loggerx23.11.2006 23:21
Axe too big, but the rest of mod is cool ;) 5/5 for idea :)

RadeX07.11.2006 21:38
@ anymouse - very couch :)

apocalypse01.11.2006 18:01
thats really ql mod...
i definitely want one like this ;) ...
and the axe, it fits perfectly...
great idea... :D

Mitsukai01.11.2006 14:56
It's a great theme...but like sebbu I put a "but" in it!! 5/5

RadeX01.11.2006 10:08
Jipa - yeah that was modding contest :)

peter01.11.2006 01:10
look the country POLAND

Hiisbollaah31.10.2006 22:32
Wow! That's nice dude. You always got an axe near :D

Jipa31.10.2006 22:22
You actually got that to a lan party of some sort? :D there's no way you could bring an axe to Assembly, even if it's a part of a case mod :)

sebbu31.10.2006 21:07
nice work but... 5/5