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Added: 05.11.2006
Full Case
Owner: oxidious
Country: Belgium

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There not realy a story about this, i was just searching something to do en thought that modding my pc (mayby little bit i know) was the right thing :p.

things i had done:
- paintjob inside
- made own front
- put mirror on bottem
- built my xbox inside it + 5" tft
- 160 leds that works on music or like a knightride-effect
- adding some (pre)casemod stuff into it like ccfl's + rgb leds that i could control offcourse.

hardware thats inside:
intel e6600, msi 7900gto, corair 1gb pc6400xmspro,
seagate 320gb, asus p5b, dell 2407,...

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Rating: 3.42 - Votes: 283

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olii150716.05.2008 07:57
Furder information ;)

KeWZ19.12.2006 16:30
i hate blingbling to. the case was better before modding.

:D14.12.2006 15:34
how you can put that xbox window there!!

Trane27.11.2006 17:02
lol well i hate bling bling cases .... i like simplicity.
4/5 do...

loggerx23.11.2006 23:44
Lots of work & because.. 'I've got 5 on it' ;)

Cptn. Vortex12.11.2006 09:53
Looks really good, very impressive mods, and nice hardware! BUT, you gotta clean up those cables! It's never easy, but it makes things look SOO much better.

*anonymous*11.11.2006 12:36
hardcore modding :o 5 pointz :)

climber0711.11.2006 11:42
I guess I'm just slow. The mirror is a neat idea to me but I don't get out much... LOL

You can get a lot more UV reflection with the mirror. I thought about polishing the bottom of my case but a 50 cent mirror would be a lot easier... Go easy on me poh. I'm a jarhead...

Wim32910.11.2006 23:46
Project oxidious turned out great

Wolf_modius10.11.2006 18:43
o awesome great job! =D 5/5

poh10.11.2006 17:09
climber the mirror in the bottom yhing isnt a new idea...

climber0710.11.2006 02:06
Can you add the URL to more pics of your computer. I'd love to see them if you have any.

climber0710.11.2006 02:03
Awesome job partner. I love the LEDs and the mirror in the bottom is a great idea. 5/5. Good work. That rig looks terrific in low light.

oxidious08.11.2006 20:42
here you see the motherboard of the xbox hanging on the side; at the other side in the white box is the powersuply for it :)

Wolf_modius08.11.2006 19:51
how did you manage to fit an xbox and a computer into that case?

kotte08.11.2006 15:47
ive gotta say that i think its a little bit of "christmas warning" but good job on putting the xbox inside..

UnLiVinG08.11.2006 13:47
hmm the case is about 4/5 but the women posters behind the case raises the score to 5/5 :D

nismo29908.11.2006 11:18
ive seen a work log with a xbox 360 in a computer that was water cooled :)

*anonymous*07.11.2006 22:15
So much work... XboX in a Computer??? Is This Pimp My Ride? Whats Next? A PopCorn machine in the computer?

*anonymous*07.11.2006 10:40

oxidious06.11.2006 20:00
left to the 5"tft there are 3 connectors :)
1st is video, second is left sound en thirt is right sound
so i just nee to plug a cable into it, to my computer screen :p

you could give me maybe 5 right now :D ;)
yeah i know :) , it was litle bit the intention to do this :$

nikki06.11.2006 15:18
premodded window, and other case looks like christmas tree (everything everywhere), sorry but 2/5

Ratman06.11.2006 01:16
U done some good jobs, but i think its to much(personally dont like it).
All those leds, neonĀ“s & stuff like that make the case look like a Circus*. But good job! 4/5

Yani06.11.2006 00:57
I like the work very much. You've really put some effort in it. Although I wouldn't like playing xbox on a 5" tft which is mounted in front of a computer case.
I would've given 5/5 but the xbox lowers my overall score to 3.5/5 which makes 4/5 rounded up ;)

I'll give you full 5 when you make it possible to play xbox on the computer screen ;)

mthed06.11.2006 00:02
Looks quite good. Exellent work

hazuki05.11.2006 23:12
this is so Cool....160 leds ?....holy jesus...that is MUCH...

Mitsukai05.11.2006 22:58
Awesome mod!! Love it!! 5/5

ryangabb05.11.2006 22:52
Very nice!
Love the tft and xbox mod!

Only bit I don't like is all chose switches on the front, it looks a bit buisy but each to thier own :)